The Sports Blanket | Episode 6

The Sports Blanket is back and Bob Selby and David Bingham are ready to cover all things sports. In episode 6 of the Blanket, the guys post up at the Iowa Hall of Pride in beautiful Downtown Des Moines, Iowa. Bob and David kick off the show by talking to Wyatt Schultz, owner and author of The Predicament, a publication that covers wrestling within the state of Iowa. Outside of The Predicament, Wyatt is a sports photographer and his works has appeared in publications such as Wrestling USA, USA Wrestler, Wrestling Insider Newsmagazine, and Sports Illustrated.

Next, the guys take a few minutes to talk to Matthew Lewis, a senior from Centerville, Iowa who just became the 29th Iowa wrestler to win 4 state titles after defeating Osage’s Nick Fox 3-2 in the finals of the state tournament at 145 pounds.. Matt talks about his wrestling journey and what his future has in store for him.

To wrap up the show, Bob and David dial up Gabe Bakker. Gabe has been on the guys’ radar since he was a high schooler playing for Dike-New Hartford and talks about how much he is looking forward to making his return to Central Iowa and leading the program as the new head football coach at Waukee.

Thanks for joining us for another episode and we’ll see you next time.

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