Feeling outdated? The answer is HERE

Paul Rand said it best. Design is the silent ambassador of your brand, which is why there is nothing we love more than a brand refresh.

There’s just something about seeing how small tweaks can make a big difference to your brand presence.

Fareway came to us with their Saturday Night Light beer packaging and wanted to modernize the look and feel of this brand and together we did just that by doing three things.

Thing ONE: To give it a small-town bar feel, we gave it a text treatment to depict the look of a neon sign giving a nostalgic yet vibrant touch that immediately draws attention.

Thing TWO: The main image went from a farm landscape to a silo as we played off the beer can looking like a silo creating a stronger visual connection and reinforcing the local, rustic charm of the brand.

Thing THREE: We adjusted the color pallet by deepening the colors they were already using and added saturation to make them pop off the can.

These three things shows how thoughtful design changes can revitalize a brand and make it more appealing.

REMINDER: a brand refresh doesn’t always mean a complete overhaul. Small adjustments to your brand can change the trajectory of your future (all while keeping you relevant!!)

If you feel your brand is outdated…or lacking impact…or just needs a fresh look, consider a brand refresh.

We believe in taking action and doing something different to get a different result.

Your brand’s explicit ambassador,