How to Start a Podcast

It’s time we get super tactical. You and Bing Bang? We’re gonna get into the weeds of a podcast we produce – GRL Raw.

Last month we wrapped up season 2 of GRL Law’s podcast and were discussing why more businesses don’t use podcasts as a funnel to their business.

Like, all of it sounds good until you realize EVERYTHING THAT GOES INTO CREATING AND PRODUCING A PODCAST.

We wanted to share what we do to launch and market podcasts on behalf of our clients.

1. Define your niche and know your audience – This is how you differentiate your podcast. For GRL Raw, their focus is to present the practice of law in Iowa in an educational, practical, relevant, and entertaining manner for legal professionals, law students, or someone in need of their butt being saved!

2. Brand your podcast – For businesses, we go off of their original brand guide (colors, typography, shapes, vibes) and then enhance/redefine/tweak their look to stand out in the podcast space. Our graphic designer kept the GRL Raw design simple and stuck to their brand guidelines.

3. Braindump episode ideas – We spend a lot of our time at Bing Bang brainstorming, and it’s not any different for podcasting. When brainstorming, pay attention to the time of year episodes will be released, common questions you get asked, and what you’re known for in your industry. Lead with how you provide value for your listeners to get them to trust you as the expert.

4. Choose your hosting style – Do it solo, have a co-host, or invite guests. After each season of GRL Raw, we reevaluate what approach aligns best with our goals. It’s okay to change things up!

5. Get the right equipment – Lucky for you, Bing Bang has all the equipment you need, however, we do enjoy the occasional “end of episode” cocktail.

6. Repurpose podcast episodes – When we create content, we do it knowing that it will be repurposed. We recognize the slow pace of gaining traction in podcasting (it’s no Google), so we shoot video of the podcast for long-form videos to be uploaded on the second-largest global search engine – YouTube. Our streamlined repurposing approach includes sharing episodes on social media, featuring the podcast on their website, emailing episodes out within newsletters, and creating short-form video clips for Instagram reels, YouTube shorts, and TikTok.

7. Market your podcast – Running digital ads to your most popular podcast episodes is one of the best ways to grow your show. The proof is in the pudding with GRL Raw’s digital campaign numbers: 755,982 impressions, 72.3% CTR (clickthrough rate), and 1,861 website visits.

We’ve implemented all seven steps with GRL Raw and we’re looking forward to what season 3 will bring.

This process can take anywhere from one to two months to complete (which is fitting because podcasting is for the long game).

Very excited to be a part of producing more podcasts for businesses in the future because we know it will radically change how you scale your business in 2024.

To pressing record,


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