Kettlestone: Promotion Video

Video Production & Photography

Do you have a hidden talent? Ours is that we can market ANY business through video content…

And that’s exactly what we did for Kettlestone.

This promotional video was used to highlight all of the people and businesses that currently make up the development area to create a buzz around the exciting things that are happening now and in the future to attract new individuals to the area.

In this video, we showcased Kettlestone from a:

  • Business/employee perspective,
  • Resident perspective, and
  • Visitor perspective.

It was such an honor to be able to work with Kettlestone as Bing Bang is a part of the development area.

So without further introduction, check it out >>HERE!<<

If after that video you’re feeling inspired to promote your business through video content, we can help! Video is such a POWERFUL way to grow your business, which is why it remains at the foundation of what Bing Bang creates. You can hop on a FREE discovery call >>HERE,<< and we can’t WAIT to help you share your story.

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