They Got 711 Qualified Leads

When we tell you it’s possible to achieve your marketing goals, we mean it.

It’s doable, it’s simple, it’s worth your investment, and it can absolutely transform your business.

All you need is some guidance and strategy to get you there (AKA, exactly what you get with Bing Bang as your marketing partner.)

Need a little inspiration?

Here’s what Dee Zee (a leading manufacturing company) accomplished with us in 2023:

During a brand workshop, we collaborated closely with Dee Zee to define their brand objectives and align their vision. The result? A clear brand identity and strategy poised for success.

Following that, we orchestrated video and photo shoots to create compelling content, including brand videos, culture videos, and 15 employee recruitment videos, showcasing the essence of Dee Zee and what it’s like to work there.

We also curated engaging social media content that resonated with Dee Zee’s audience, driving brand awareness and engagement across platforms.

Moreover, our digital recruitment campaign, featuring SEM, pre-roll, display with geo-fencing, and paid social, yielded impressive results, reaching and engaging the right talent pool for Dee Zee. 

We want you to close your eyes and picture your business with the results that you’ve been dreaming of.

Results like… attracting 711 qualified leads to your careers page. Retaining employees. 2,780 ad engagements. Increased brand visibility.

You name it, and it’s possible for you.

Results like these don’t happen overnight–they take time to strategically craft tactics, create brand clarity, define target audience, craft campaign messaging, and capture content. And if you jump in and get started with us right now, you’ll be one step closer to the results you’ve been looking for.

Are you ready to get results?

>>> Heck yeah I am. Let’s go.

Here’s to making marketing a priority in order to scale your business,


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