Turning an Idea into Reality

Video Storytelling

We basically acted like Taylor Swift when Travis Kelce scored a touchdown on Sunday, complete with chest bumps and window pounding. 

The Iowa State Sheriffs and Deputies Association (ISSDA) promotes the sheriff offices in the 99 Iowa counties. They are also a client of ours that we have been working with since October 2022.

ISSDA tasked us with the challenge of creating a recruitment video that would resonate with potential law enforcement candidates who are weighing their career options that would be showcased at their booth during the Iowa State Fair.

In January 2023, the sheriffs filled our big conference room despite an intense snowstorm we were hit with the night before.

We suggested the possibility of a virtual meeting (due to us regular folk) and they stoically replied, “We’ve faced worse conditions on the road.”

We conceptualized the video from this creative strategy session and began coordinating a four-day, eight-location video shoot (thanks Dani for organizing this!).

What happens after capturing footage? Editing.

This is where crafting a recruitment video that effectively showcases the diverse career opportunities within law enforcement is developed. This is where an idea comes to life.

This is where our Taylor Swift reaction yelling LET’S F***ING GO becomes reality.

Caleb got the final edits of their recruitment video approved the day before the start of the Iowa State Fair…

We then experienced the excitement of seeing our idea–that we drew up 5 months prior–turn into reality for the whole state to see.

We mean c’mon. How cool is that?!

When you love what you do, execution comes easily.

When you develop a plan, success will follow.

We don’t know where you’re at with your employee recruitment strategy, but we hope this note gives you hope for what can be possible for your business so we can pound on the glass in unison when reach the end zone.

We have touchdown dance moves to work on,