Watering Your Brand

Video Storytelling

We were all around the large conference room table in the middle of a brand workshop when someone said two words that would change the trajectory of their brand: “Be Both”.

Meriwether Wilson is a CPA firm from the Des Moines area. They were looking to attract fresh college graduates to their firm but their outdated brand was holding them back from the new generation of CPAs.

The task sounds impossible to reach in an industry that is rooted in professionalism and tradition. Not to mention they were competing against the “Big 4” who are the four largest public accounting firms in the world.

Sure, branding is in Bing Bang’s DNA but something about this project felt different. It felt like an opportunity to change the trajectory of Meriwether Wilson and establish themselves as a brand far greater than being a small CPA firm.

Much like a houseplant, your brand requires consistent care to GROW.

Once we started paying attention to their brand needs–logo refresh, website update, modern messaging–the confidence that they had internally beamed outward.

No, really, employees became proud to talk about the firm and their new branding supported the message they’ve been trying to convey.

  • Support a work/life balance to thrive personally and professionally.
  • Emerge in various facets of the firm to find the role that best aligns with your skills and aspirations.
  • A culture that fosters strong teamwork.
  • Accessibility of ALL members of the team.
  • Embracing a playful spirit encouraging the team to bring creativity and a sense of fun to work.
  • A place for long-term fulfillment where careers can grow over the years.

While these have always been aspects that make Meriwether Wilson unique, they now have brand identity and messaging to back it up.

This brings us back to those two little words: “Be Both”. They are the words that shatter the stereotypes surrounding the CPA profession (especially among the younger generation) with the message that you don’t have to give up your individuality to thrive as a CPA.

It’s a reminder that in this ever-changing world, businesses can evolve, adapt, and inspire. “Be Both” isn’t just a campaign – it’s a philosophy that speaks to the heart of who Meriwether Wilson is and who they aspire to be.

We hope the same for you as you create and develop a brand that leads to your future success.

Water your brand,