Bing Bang Presents

Makers Podcast

We could all consider ourselves makers. In Iowa, we make some really cool things. From products to solutions, we are proud of everything we create.Makers is a podcast which highlights some of central Iowa’s most incredible makers, and those who support them. If you consider yourself a maker or have a deep interest for learning about those who do, you’re in the right place. Makers is a product of MakeDSM, a network of manufacturers in central Iowa created by FuseDSM, Your Community Chamber.
MakeDSM is supported by: BerganKDV, Bing Bang, Brick Gentry, The Iowa Clinic, Raine Recruiting, Spindustry and TrueNorth Companies.
If you are a maker or know a maker who would like to share their story, contact Leisa at 515-979-8766 or