Instagram Strategies to Boost Your Discoverability for More Followers

Instagram Strategies to Boost Your Discoverability for More Followers

“We need more followers.”

“Once we get more followers we will get more sales.”

“Let’s do something viral to gain followers.”

Sound familiar? 

We hear a lot of outside noise about wanting more followers as this status symbol of authority – the belief that what stands between their business and success is the number of followers they have on Instagram.

But in a world where we are constantly consuming content, you must lean into other ways to serve your audience and get more eyes on YOUR content.

Not sure where to start? We got you.

In this episode, Shelby is giving you four specific strategies so you can serve your audience and boost your discoverability to people who don’t know you yet.

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[00:20] How Shelby’s experience created a successful social media presence for Drive Clean.

[03:03] One aspect of social media growth that gets overlooked when wanting more exposure.

[04:00] Every piece of social media content should fall into one of these three categories.

[10:11] The importance of writing Instagram captions for greater discoverability.

[11:02] How to position yourself as an authority in your industry on Instagram.

[12:38] One simple way you can stand out from the crowd and get seen through your content.

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