The Insight You Need on Influencer Marketing with Jay Stahl

The Insight You Need on Influencer Marketing with Jay Stahl

Have you found yourself interested in using influencer marketing for your business?

Perhaps you’ve seen the success other major brands are having working with content creators and you’re thinking that your business could have the same success – but aren’t fully sure of what that could look like.

You scroll on your Instagram feed that is filled with promotions for people, places, and things…and are looking for an understanding of what goes into influencer marketing.

If you can relate to this – or perhaps this is the first time you thought of it – then this episode with Jay Stahl is exactly what you need.

Click >>PLAY<< right now to hear our conversation about influencer marketing, including:

  • [16:07] What brought Jay to Iowa from Wisconsin
  • [18:42] Why he started his influencer series at the Des Moines Register and common threads he is seeing
  • [25:48] Jay’s thoughts on why influencer marketing works for businesses 
  • [29:12] Iowa influencers (and micro influencers) putting the state on the map 
  • [31:51] How to weave in ad supported posts in an influencers content strategy
  • [34:05] Biggest surprise he’s uncovered from his influencer series 
  • [35:41] How to deal with hate comments 
  • [37:42] What influencers is Jay following
  • [39:37] What is upcoming in Jay’s influencer series
  • [45:09] What social platforms work best for influencer marketing

If you want to learn more about Jay, you can follow him on Instagram @jay.stahl. You can read more about his influencer series at

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