The Benefits of Paychex

The Benefits of Paychex

Leisa Fox is joined this week by Brandon Halverson, who acts as a Business Development Manager for Paychex. Halverson has plenty of insight into some of the ways to cash in on tax credits for businesses, specifically in the manufacturing world.

In this episode of the Makers Podcast, Halverson fills you in on how Paychex allows their clients make the most of their solutions for workforce through customization. He also dives into some of the ways you can work in tax credits through research and development within your company. One of them being the Work Opportunity credit. Halverson breaks down the benefits and who it can work for most. Integrating with Paychex, they’ll help screen for those employees.

He also talks about the world of hr and where paychex comes in to make life easier through PEO’s and having a dedicated HR resource.

What you’ll learn:

  • Tax Credits to look for
  • Role of Paychex
  • What is a PEO

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