Lee Eilers and the Development of Leaders

Lee Eilers and the Development of Leaders

Lee Eilers, with Bergan KDV, sits down with Leisa Fox in the fourth episode of the Makers Podcast. Eilers started in the furniture world, then moved to the manufacturing world. Now, he’s with Bergan KDV.

In this episode of the Makers Podcast, Lee breaks down creating a strong culture pre-covid. Eilers talks about the importance of thinking different. Failure is okay, and the way pressing your limits creates opportunities in both success and failure. He breaks down the way you can develop next-level leadership, and having a process that enables growth.

Lee’s insight will be something you can take with you into your office with your staff. He also looks at preparing for what’s to come economically.

What you’ll learn:

  • The importance of embracing failure
  • Return on effort
  • Development of the next-level leaders
  • How to prepare for the future in manufacturing

We hope you enjoy this episode and don’t forget, if you’re a maker who wants to share their story, please contact Leisa Fox at leisa@fusedsm.org