Farm to Table Series

Video Production & Photography

In an effort to further educate consumers and every day people about where their food comes from, Bing Bang worked with the Iowa Corn Growers Association to create an educational video series that gives a sneak peek into the journey food takes from farm to table. Our host, Kristin Porter of Iowa Girl Eats, takes a tour around the state visiting places like The Iowa Distilling Company, Edgewood Locker and Wells Blue Bunny Visitor Center & Ice Cream Parlor to talk to the folks who have the privilege of using and selling the final product that once started as corn! She also chats with the farmers who provide the corn to these businesses and gets an insider look at the growing and harvesting process of the crop. With a goal of revealing to consumers that the Farm to Table concept is more than just a trendy social movement, but a way of life here in Iowa, and everywhere!

Farm to Table
Edgewood Locker Meats
Iowa Girl Eats
Iowa Distilling
Wells Blue Bunny
Iowa Corn Growers Association Project Farm to Tables Series
Farm to Table Project Iowa Corn Growers Association

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