Wes Rodgers Lender Profile Peoples Bank

Video Production & Photography

Peoples Bank prides themselves on understanding their customers on a personal level. As a partner who is responsible for giving guidance in big decisions in businesses large and small, helping families plan for their future and providing assistance in times of uncertainty, the individuals at Peoples Bank are folks you’d want in your corner. The same goes for Wes Rodgers, Commercial/Ag Lender at Peoples Bank in Indianola, Iowa. Every day, Wes helps his ag customers in decision making and planning for their farms, and he does it with confidence because of his own experience as a part time farmer at his family’s farm. Wes understands where his customers are coming from, because chances are, he’s been there himself. This piece Bing Bang created highlights Wes in both his roles as a farmer and a commercial/ag lender at Peoples Bank, showing that he truly brings his passion for what he does to his day job every day, and providing a unique perspective to his customers as he does it.

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