Iowa Corn + Grizzly: Stronger Together

Video Production & Photography

2020 was an incredibly difficult year for everyone, including those in the agricultural community. During the summer months, at the height of the global pandemic, a rarely seen windstorm called a derecho, swept through Iowa leaving a path of destruction in its wake. Acres upon acres of fields full of growing crops were left flattened and completely ruined, which was a devastating loss to many farmers. So, the Iowa Corn Growers Association did what they do best, and rallied together to create a campaign to stand behind Iowa’s corn farmers with the goal of bringing more consumer awareness to three big initiatives, they named #StrongerTogether.

The initiatives are:

  1. Buy cornfed beef, pork, poultry, dairy & eggs from the grocery store or farmer’s market
  2. Fill up your water bottles right from tap, because farmer’s care about the water they share
  3. Fuel up with ethanol products such as E-15/Unleaded 88

With each initiative, Iowa Corn partnered with an Iowa company to help promote their cause, starting with Fareway grocery stores, highlighting cornfed food. Second, Iowa Corn teamed up with Grizzly Coolers out of Decorah, Iowa to promote drinking water straight from the tap. Lastly, Iowa Corn plans to team up with ethanol retailers in the state to encourage people in Iowa to use homegrown fuel.

A series of videos and digital advertisements were created to call attention to these initiatives and encourage consumers to take action, which continues to be very successful. Proving once again that Iowans truly are #StrongerTogether.

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