How to Establish a Recognizable Brand

How to Establish a Recognizable Brand

Recently, we took Meriwether Wilson through a brand refresh.

Meriwether Wilson is a CPA firm from the Des Moines area. They were looking to attract fresh college graduates to their firm but their outdated brand was holding them back from the new generation of CPAs.

Meriwether Wilson’s top 3 priorities for refreshing the brand were:

  • Modernize logo,
  • Website facelift, and
  • Campaign development.

We couldn’t be more proud of this brand refresh, but we’d also want to share 3 ways you can begin to establish a recognizable brand: 

  • Nail first impressions,
  • Develop a visual design framework, and
  • Being consistent.

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[04:14] Grace’s expertise with visual design and why it is so important for a brand’s marketing strategy.

[05:44] The branding problems Meriwether Wilson was facing and ways we provided a solution.

[09:53] The importance of first impressions when attracting new customers or employees.

[12:30] How visual design can help achieve a clear brand goal.

[13:47] The challenges and benefits of staying consistent within your brand to build trust with your audience.

To continue this conversation, in just 2 weeks we’ll be releasing a podcast episode that will dive DEEP into DEFINING your brand to nail that first impression that will ultimately lead to sales, and trust us: you don’t want to miss these game-changing tips. To be the first to know when this episode goes live, subscribe to the Bing Bang Download. We can’t wait to help you continue to establish a recognizable brand!