Three Ways to Uplevel Your Recruitment Video

Three Ways to Uplevel Your Recruitment Video

Have you ever thought:

  • “I just don’t understand why I’m not getting applicants for my open job positions.”
  • “Why is it taking so long to get qualified candidates?”
  • “All the content we have seems to not be working to reach our recruitment goals.”

If so, we got you. In this episode, you’ll hear three ways to uplevel your recruitment video TODAY that will help you stand out from competitors and bring in knowledgeable and capable applicants who will fit right into your company’s culture.

In fact, when you begin to implement these techniques, you’ll enhance your brand identity and build trust with your audience by giving them insight into your business.

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Press >>PLAY<< to hear all of this and more about:

[02:21] What pumpkin spice-flavored foods you can indulge in this fall.

[05:21] Update on office standings in the Bing Bang Fantasy Football League.

[09:20] Who is the Iowa State Sheriffs and Deputies Association and what was the project that needed to be executed.

[12:24] The prep involved creating a recruitment video and how we concept ideas to share with the client.

[14:59] How the look and feel of shooting footage can grab the attention of your ideal audience and how we incorporated anamorphic lenses to develop a cinematic experience.

[19:33] How script writing gives your audience the opportunity to see themselves in specific roles and a part of your company.

[21:03] How to connect pace (with camera movements and video cuts) with the emotion you want to portray to your audience to keep them engaged in your recruitment video.

[24:00] Lessons this project taught us as video content creators and marketing specialists.

[25:33] Behind-the-scenes look and reaction to the concept video we developed in the office to share with the client to understand the creative direction.

[28:34] Walking through the final version of ISSDA’s recruitment video. 

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Shout out to the Iowa State Sheriffs and Deputies Association for giving us the honor and the privilege of sharing their story.