Bridging Hearts and Minds through Visual Storytelling

Bridging Hearts and Minds through Visual Storytelling

Have you ever had a moment of pride when talking about your business?

One of those moments where all the hard work seemed to pay off and you’re sharing your brand’s story to build relationships with others?

This is similar to what happened on one of our projects with our client where we told 4 separate videos for 4 honorable heroes to be shared at a corporate fundraising event.

And let us tell you, by the end of the banquet… we couldn’t be more proud.

In this episode, we’re sharing insights of our storytelling process and our thoughts on how to get your audience to know, like, and trust you.

Whether you’ve never told your business story or ready to take the storytelling of your business to the next level, we hope you enjoy this from-the-script conversation.

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[02:27] The number one thing your story NEEDS to do.

[03:13] Definoining the purpose and message of your story.

[05:55] How to put a plan in place for how you are going to tell your story.

[08:18] Establishing where your story is going to be showcased to guide content and repurposing strategy.

[11:41] Our best piece of advice when it comes to visual storytelling (and what businesses frequently forget!)

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