Storey Kenworthy: Drone Fly-Through

Video Production & Photography

It’s 2020, and a new type of drone technology started sweeping the nation and Bing Bang had to be a part of it.

We practiced in-house for months before it was finally time to do our first FPV drone fly-through on behalf of our client, Storey Kenworthy.

From our first flight ending in a destroyed drone… we were really doing it!

Not only were we doing it, but we were doing it successfully.

This first-person perspective is able to provide a unique narrative to a brand’s story.

Storey Kenworthy was able to share the process of how their product goes from client conversations to the delivery truck.

By adding in sound bites and creating a unique path for the drone to follow, you are able to keep interest in seeing what’s around the corner.

Ever since our first fly-through, Bing Bang has proudly added this content experience to our list of offerings!

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