Kinship: Event Recap

Video Production & Photography

Do you have an event coming up? Kinship hosted their second annual Fighting Through Kinship 5K…

And that’s exactly what we’re sharing with you today.

This event recap of Iowa’s Largest Breast Cancer Walk/Run serves as a reminder about the power in people coming together and an opportunity to showcase the WORK that goes into it.

In this recap, you’ll see how:

  • People fuel hope.
  • People fuel inspiration.
  • People fuel curiosity.
  • People fuel creativity.

It was such an honor to have captured Kinship’s event, and we KNOW you’ll love to see what can happen when people come together.

So without further ado, watch the magic happen >>HERE!<<

If after that video you’re feeling inspired to use event-recap videos to share insight on your business, we can help! Video is such a POWERFUL way to connect your audience to your brand, which is why we offer Discovery Calls so you can listen to your needs. You can sign up for FREE >>HERE,<< and we can’t wait to hear from you soon.